Kandy Dolor is an Author who writes books for women in difficulties through her own brand and collection of self-help books called KandyCares.
Kandy is also a self-help coach who dedicates her time to supporting women and young ladies who are going through pregnancy without support from the father’s.
Basing her books subjects from her own real life experiences and being able to relate and sympathise with single pregnant women from once being in that situation herself-twice, Kandy is not only able to understand but help others facing similar challenges through an online support group she manages in which she shares her stories and coping mechanisms through tough times she has overcome, giving advice and helping women and teenage girls worldwide to build their confidence, self-love, worth, and value while ultimately teaching them how to transform their lives becoming happier women and positive role models as single mothers.


Kandy expresses many of her thoughts and ideas through writing, from magazine articles to publishing books Kandy is extremely engaged in literacy work and achieving effective communication.
Through her book brand “KandyCares” Kandy provides practical self-help support for women going through challenges in life.


The 1st self-help book to the KandyCares collection “Abandoned Pregnant”

Are you are a single young lady who is facing pregnancy alone, without the support of a partner or an ex who does not want any involvement with his child you are carrying, do you feel as though you are battling with your emotions about the situation and need some support? “Abandoned Pregnant” is a new self-help book published by KandyCares self-help books for women, the book encourages, motivates and provides help for women who are going through the misery, heartbreak and struggle from being let down by a man they believed cared about them. Abandoned Pregnant covers every situation a single pregnant woman could find herself in, from the father of her child denying his paternity to finding out he is in a new relationship while you are still pregnant. Ultimately, the book teaches women how to move on by learning self-love, self-respect, self-worth etc. making better choices in their lives and for their children, and learning from mistakes so they don’t find themselves pregnant and alone a second time. The author of this book Kandy Dolor has written Abandoned Pregnant from her own experiences of and includes stories and details of what she went through being abandoned pregnant- twice. Abandoned Pregnant is £7.99 and available to buy from Kindle and Amazon.

“Single Pregnant Women Dilemma’s -Dealing With Absent Fathers” is my ebook hand-guide for frustrated single pregnant women. It contains examples of real life situations with absent fathers who either deny their paternity, reject both mother and unborn child, run away from their responsibilities, etc. This book has plenty of scenarios that come with having to deal with these types of men which women in these circumstances will be able to relate to. There is also advice, letter pages, tips, ways to stay positive and much more including sample chapters of my other books for single mothers and pregnant women. Available to purchase on Kindle for 99p

“Bored Single” Are you a mother who is completely bored with being single, whether its out of choice or circumstance?
Are you fed up of falling for the wrong types of men?
Are you stuck in a cycle of toxic, unhealthy relationships and friendships? Do you wonder ‘ why can’t I find real love’?
Do you feel you are missing out on what your coupled friends are all doing?

Are you wasting time dwelling over the past on what could have been, but wasn’t?
Are you miserable and angry that most people you know have managed to move on with their lives- including your ex..
Are you still mad at him for leaving?
Are you scared to move on due to past relationship dramas and failures?
Are you doing things you end up regretting out of boredom and the need for attention?

You deserve better.. Being single is the time to eliminate all the negativity around you, and to plan how to get what it is you really want.. While setting a positive example to your children in the process.

Available to order on Amazon & Kindle £5.99

Motivational Speaker

Equip with the experience of speaking in public, Kandy encourages her audience of women and teenage girls to transform their lives by inspiring and influencing them through powerful speeches.


















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Self-Help Coach
Kandy operates a twice a week support programme for single pregnant women and teenage girls who are going through pregnancy without involvment from the fathers of their unborn babies, and are struggling with their emotions. For example, feeling rejected, angry, heartbroken, betrayed, etc. The programme includes a number of self-help activities, discussions, coping mechanisms, real life stories with morals behind them relating to being a single pregnant woman.
Kandy works together with women giving them the support, motivation and encouragement they need to help them get through tough times, move on from any negative or romantic lingering feelings towards the man who abandoned them pregnant, make positive changes and better choices, learn how to enjoy their pregnancies and plan for a positive drama free delivery and ultimately how to live abundant lives.


Kandy is an agony aunt to many, and has a unique confrontation to situations which to some may seem brutal, but Kandy calls it using a deep reality of truth.

As Kandy is able to relate to being single and pregnant as a teenage girl and as a woman from her own life experiences, her sessions are truly motivational and will leave you moved.


In next to no time women begin to truly feel their worth and how they deserve to be treated.


Why Self-Help Coaching With Kandy Is Different..

Kandy specifically specialises in helping women and teenage girls through difficulties down to not only being female herself, but because of being able to relate and having the ability of much insight due to knowing many troubles, challenges and loss in her life.
Her experiences have taught and lead her to become the woman she is today, happy with the outcome of her learnings Kandy now shares the different lessons to encourage, motivate and inspire others.
Kandy provides exquisite support to her clients by helping them through hard times, attains goals, making changes, etc. With less stress and is able to shed new light on tough situations and decisions.
Sharpening her clients motivation skills and attitudes toward changing their lives for the better is is one of Kandy’s many strong points and she has a natural flair of using the right words to keep others determined and make things happen quickly.

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Kandy has two children, Savannah and Dayren.
Kandy’s daughter Savannah has faced many challenges since being diagnosed with global delayed development and autism at two years old, now aged twelve Savannah is on a mission as a mini celebrity child presenter following her dreams of hosting her own talk show surrounding disability, and has also published her own inspirational book for children with special needs called “Never Stop Trying”. Savannah has a YouTube channel (Savannah Dolor) on which she features a mixture of fun educational videos with her brother Dayren as a regular guest, Savannah works with child friendly companies who welcome special needs families to experience a great day out. Filming the day for her followers, Savannah encourages them to get outdoors while providing them with reviews, recommendations, ideas, laughter and more. Read More..




An inspirational book for children written by Kandy and her daughter Savannah.