Dear Single Pregnant Women

Hey ladies,

I hope you are all doing well and your pregnancies are progressing healthily and happily.
I know you’ve been down a long road or it might only just be the beginning for you, but I wanted to give a few words of encouragement to keep you strong during this difficult time.
Each woman’s situation being of abandoned pregnant has its own set of circumstances, for example one man may be denying being the father of his baby, while another might choose to simply be a deadbeat dad without having an excuse.
Regardless of the circumstance, the outcome still results in a heartbroken pregnant woman who wanted nothing more than to share the joy and experience of bringing her baby into the world with the man she created it with by her side whether the pregnancy was unplanned or not.
Every time you step out of the front door all of a sudden more than half the women you see around you are pregnant too and they’re all coupled up with their partners, both looking happy and the mother to be glowing with a facial expression you wish you were able to make just even for five minutes. You try to get on with your day but no matter how hard you try every ten minutes your brain reminds you that something huge is wrong, you’re having a baby with no father around! You go into panic mode and question your capability ‘How will I manage? Who will I turn to? What I am going to do about my child’s feelings growing up without and not knowing his or her father? What are people thinking and saying about me? Is my baby’s father seeing another woman? How could he do this to me?’ I could go on.
Don’t drive yourself into depression by over thinking, especially about things that haven’t happened yet!
Whenever you feel like you just can’t understand why life has done this to you, try not to question life itself but question yourself instead over what you are going to do about what is happening in your life. Don’t put pressure on yourself either, because the answers don’t come straight away most of the time.
I know it really hurts when a man whose baby you are carrying stops caring about you, stops speaking to you, and basically starts ignoring your existence at all costs because he doesn’t want his own baby.
Suffering like this will take a while to get over but you can do it! Gracefully too!
There is no need to think to yourself let me just hang around to see if one day he will change his mind, you can’t risk wasting any time or putting any part of your life on hold waiting for that day to come and you have to remember that it might not.
It’s sad to hear but so many women put their lives on hold after having a baby for a man who abandoned them during their pregnancies in the hope he will return and can then become a family without any issues, unfortunately these women continue to consider and respect the feelings of a man who hasn’t got an ounce of love for them. Don’t let this happen to you, I say this from experience. Crack down on your feelings towards the father of your child while you are pregnant, be honest with yourself about the place he has shown you where you belong in his life; which seems to be nowhere. No matter how painful the truth may be, face it so it is easier for you to move on from him, not to move on to loving another man, but to move on to finally loving yourself.

I wish you all the very best. Stay strong!


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