My New Book


I have a brand new book coming out on August 12th 2017- my birthday!
The book is called “From Ghetto Mess To Professional Success” it’s all about me, the chaotic lifestyle I once lived in the past and details the many struggles and challenges I have faced, things I never imagined could happen to me or thought I’d ever be able to overcome.
My life goes a lot deeper than what I have shared in my previous books and on social media, but this year I am ready to share some more of my story.

My whole story is more than just one book.
I felt ready and thought it was important and about time I opened up about a lot of my personal experiences which I am certain will benefit, help and encourage other women who are either going through, or have been through similar difficulties and will be able to find my book very relatable.
I hope ‘From Ghetto Mess To Professional Success’ inspires other women out in the world who would like to change their lives for the better.

Kandy x


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