Is It Okay To Leave The Door Open For An Absent & Reluctant Father?

Do you shut him out forever and just get on with it after he has made his choice to leave and not be involved in your pregnancy or his child’s life? Or do you get on with it while you hope and wait for him to come to his senses?

However, you can’t hold open a closed door can you?

Many single pregnant women who have been abandoned by their baby’s fathers during pregnancy are left holding the doors open for these run away men way too long after nine months, I know because I used to be one of those women.
When you leave the door open for a reluctant, absent father, you are setting yourself up for more disappointment because it means a part of you still has expectations.
Although it’s very easy to say, “I’m getting on with my life and if he wants to know his child my door is always open” the reality of that decision is very different. You go through days, weeks, months, years holding that same door open and you get upset that he doesn’t want to walk through it, in fact you feel he should be running through it! Your arm eventually gets tired of holding the door open and it’s become such a habit you don’t even realise that you’ve missed opportunities that open new doors. Doors which you will not have to hold open for anyone else because they open for only you.

When it comes to dealing with an absent father you need to close the door and lock it… wait for him to knock and ask to enter. If he is genuine and sincere he will do his best to unlock and open the door, no matter how long it takes. Sadly, some of these types of men never man up, that’s why it’s important women in this situation do not put their hopes on future reconciliations (which can take place years and years later) with their exes and shut that door instead!
Eventually, if he finds his way back then great but until then don’t waste any more time and
don’t be afraid to move on to much better! Go out there and love people who will love you right back at this present moment in time. Think about YOU, what you want and what you need.

Stay strong ladies,

Kandy xx



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