Abandoned Pregnant By A Bad Guy


It was fun, everything was carefree until you fell pregnant and he vanished so quickly you’re left questioning if he actually even existed or if he was just a figment of your imagination.

The bad boy… He made you feel safe, you loved his whole ‘I don’t give a f’ attitude, his energetic vibe, his ‘live in the moment’ hyped lifestyle and the excitement and attention that came with it.
I’m guessing he’s cheated on you before, and he’s lied to you and you have forgiven him over and over again, believing that one day he would eventually get it all out of his system.
You probably also made sacrifices to be with him and lost respect from friends and family members who saw right through him and the company he kept.
This is often the case when women get with bad boys.

But to get left pregnant by one is a totally different story…

These types of guys really don’t care, in fact there are some who actually enjoy it and get a kick out of knowing there is a pregnant woman out there fully hurt, heartbroken and in pieces all because of them!
The bad boy’s ego gets bigger when the woman he has abandoned pregnant begs him to be in her life. He may even interact with her, building her up and leading her on with false hope, excitedly waiting to see her desperate reaction when he drops her once more looking forward to her pleading, thinking of more ways he can get her to do whatever he likes.
He feels in control and he is, but for her- it’s suddenly no longer about getting him to accept the baby but back to pleasing him and hoping he is happy enough to now want to be a father- she’s just happy she’s no longer being ignored by him, even though he doesn’t mention the baby which is a RED FLAG that he is more than likely just using her which isn’t nice to think about, but if he is capable of leaving her pregnant he is capable of using her too as the mother of his child, even if he doesn’t want to be a father or says that he isn’t; when he knows that he IS, he also knows that the mother of his child has a soft spot for him, and he will use it to get her to do stuff and be able to have things HIS way.
Most bad boys who abandon their pregnant exes aren’t afraid to show that they’ve moved on, they are not scared of flaunting other women, getting other women pregnant, cutting all ties, changing numbers, walking straight past mother and baby in the street, humiliating the mother of his child, etc.
The sad, truthful thing is when we chose bad boys, we know they are bad and what they are capable of, yet somehow we feel like they would never treat us that way.
But if bad boys treat themselves badly, how can we as women expect them to behave for their children?
We need to see ‘bad boys’ for what they really are, they are BAD for everyone, for women, children and society, especially if they’re violent.
If you are pregnant by a bad boy who doesn’t want to be a father then try to see things differently, it could have been much worse if he stayed around. I know you feel sad that your baby won’t have his or her dad in their life but isn’t that better than them possibly ending up damaged by his presence?

Stay strong,

Kandy xx

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