Can’t Face The Music?

It’s hard enough listening to music after a break up, let alone when you’ve been dumped pregnant and are feeling fully emotional and hormonal.

Music can bring back fond memories of your ex that you just can’t deal with yet, or hearing songs that meant something to you both, which creates an irreplaceable feeling- associated with only him.

Sometimes music (especially for music lovers) helps to heal a broken heart, but you have got to know what to play and most importantly WHEN! Choose to listen to music that will support you and give you a positive boost instead of making you break down in tears or feel angry.
It was during both my pregnancies I discovered new songs that gave me strength as well as old ones that I had heard before, but because of my situation it was as if I was hearing the song with a fresh pair of ears and suddenly it had a whole new meaning.
Mariah Carey has always been my favourite singer, and I have not had an easy past so songs like ‘Through The Rain’ ‘Make It Happen’ and ‘They Can’t Take That Away’
I’ve practically been singing since I was a teen. The Chantay Savage version of ‘I will Survive’ got played in my house every single day during both my pregnancies, it made me feel like I wasn’t the only hurt woman out in the world, but somehow I still felt as if the song had been written especially for me. A few other songs to name were ‘Not Gon Cry’ by Mary J Blige, ‘Survivor’ by Destiny’s Child…
Most of the songs I listened to which I found empowering and helpful were from the 90’s.
These songs gave me strength, encouragement, and motivation more than anyone else could during the times when I felt completely lost, and in so much emotional pain I just couldn’t find the words to express how I was feeling to anybody. But the songs lyrics brought me to a much better understanding by myself. How I love GOOD music!
I also had my moments when I listened to songs that weren’t so helpful which I won’t name, but what I will let you know is that they stirred up a big tornado inside of me, resulting in me doing one of the things that I advise you should never do- seek revenge.
Listening to certain songs can leave you feeling like you need to defend yourself.
A lot of women listen to sad songs when they are heartbroken, it would be silly to expect or force someone to listen to happy songs when they don’t feel happy at all, but sometimes we just need to allow the right music, played at the right time to sway our emotions and overwhelm us.
Music can be a tool for positive motivation, helping you deal with things, making you feel more upbeat and connected.

One day you will listen to those songs that came with all those memories and be able to smile.

Stay strong!

Kandy xx

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