Will Time Change An Absent Father’s Mind?

This is almost like a trick question…
A lot can happen in time, but so can nothing if changes aren’t made.
When a man either rejects his child or denies being the father and won’t co-operate or refuses to come to a compromise with the mother in order to sort things out, sometimes the situation ends up in the hands of time being able to change things when he won’t.

The more time that goes by the more you will feel that the father of your baby will never change his mind about not wanting to be involved.
You naturally lose all hope after a while and will most likely change your mind in anger about ever wanting him involved in the future before he changes his.
An absent father changing his mind in time can happen in many different ways and unfortunately sometimes some of these ways are not in the best interest of the child.
For example, a man can return to a child he abandoned from birth or as a baby after years of being absent simply because nothing else in his life has worked out right for him, such as he hasn’t been able to have other children, his new girlfriend won’t move forward with him having a ‘deadbeat dad’ title, medical or financial reasons, etc.
In the above examples time has not changed the man’s mind about genuinely wanting to be a father, but rather his circumstances have forced him to.

A man can also return to a child he abandoned from birth or left as a baby after years of being absent because he has matured, feels differently, ashamed, guilty, wants to be there for his son or daughter and support the mother, is curious and interested in his child’s development and progress, wants to help, etc. This is the man who sounds like he has genuinely changed his mind over time and is ready to face his responsibilities as a father.
But he will have to prove that he has changed and that will take, you guessed it… time.

Time Changes Everything, Except People If They Don’t Change.


Stay Strong!

Kandy x

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