Choose To be Courageous, No Matter What You’re Facing.


You have the ability to choose to be courageous by facing your reality and accepting what’s happening in your life right now for exactly what it is.
You are pregnant and alone, wishing things were any different won’t help.
You have got to let go of what you’ve been longing for regarding the father’s attitude towards your pregnancy and the baby.

It’s time to wise up and be brave!
Have you been afraid of telling your family about your situation?
It’s time to confide in them. It might be a shock for them but being honest will help you to not feel so alone.

Trust in God, The Most High, to watch over you and guide you each and every step of the way. Choose trust instead of worry, choose strength over weakness, choose hope over fear, and always pay attention your instincts.

Start focusing on what you can control and be realistic about the things you can actually influence in your life.
For example, you might be hoping your baby’s father will apologetically return, but can you make that happen? No, you can’t.
I’m not saying to give up all hope on him, but just be realistic, it’s unlikely!

Your baby’s father might be angry, disappointed, scared, etc. About having a baby, but that’s how he has chosen to feel, don’t allow his feelings to take hold and control yours too.
Even if he’s unhappy about the baby, you can choose to be happy and if he’s angry and has abandoned you, you can choose to be strong, wise, courageous and raise your baby alone.

Stay Strong,
Kandy x