I’m Getting Married! How My Book ‘Bored Single’ Helped…

I had writers block over the past month due to everything that has been going on, however I’m very happy and I’m not complaining at all but I do sincerely apologise to you all for not posting anything over the past few weeks.
You can’t blame a busy, excited and emotional woman, after all…

I’m engaged to be married to the most amazing man!

I got the best advice for my writers block last night…
To express what’s really going on with me… To do what I’ve always done…

I’ve shared a few of my toughest life stories with you guys in my books, publicly in the newspapers and on TV too, from being abandoned pregnant, to suffering from depression, to temporarily losing my children, to being single and choosing to stay celibate.

I got asked this question by a close friend last night, “Kandy, why are you not telling everyone about what’s happening in your life right now? It’s only right since you share everything else, you are a role model for abandoned pregnant women and teen girls, you set a positive example for them, especially now you have more reason than ever to make positive references about your book ‘Bored Single’ show women how your methods work!”

If you’ve read my book “Bored Single” it has everything to do with how I changed my whole life and attitude after feeling extreme anger and bitterness overcoming being abandoned pregnant and becoming a single mother.
It encourages other single mothers in similar circumstances to let go and make better choices in the future resulting in better outcomes surrounding men, relationships, friendships, how they allow themselves to be treated, how they treat others and everything to do with building self-love, worth, value, respect, etc. In order to live a better lifestyle and attract the right man.
I took my own advice, made those huge changes and waited for my Mr Right… It’s a major part of exactly why I am now engaged to a great guy I never thought existed or that I would ever be capable of attracting.
I told my fiancé that I’m a very different woman to the one I once was a few years ago and he most probably never would have never given me the time of day.

I had to change and I am glad I did! I was a seriously resentful woman after being abandoned pregnant for the second time around.
I swore off all men and went on a one woman anti-man campaign and learned how to love myself. Situations that happened forced me to, back then I was raging at the world and beyond, I couldn’t understand why everything all seemed to be going wrong for me and I felt I didn’t deserve any of it.
I had to fight with everything I had for everything I had to change.

Little did I know that it was all part of the Most High’s plan…

Becoming the best woman I could be attracted the best man for me.
Loving myself brought me the love of someone else who I am also capable of loving right back in a healthy way and I’m ready for it all.
Our relationship is much more. I’ve never laughed so much in my life.
The happiness we are experiencing right now is exclusive to us – a feeling only he and I are capable of adding to each other’s lives. No one else comes close.
I can’t begin to explain our bond, our connection, the way he and I are so in sync with each other it’s almost scary but we know we’re meant to be together and there is nothing more wonderful than when even The Most High is sending signs and signals that only we understand.

It’s real… It can happen for you too!

Ladies listen up now, being abandoned pregnant does not make you unlovable, life does not stop there unless you allow yourself to stay stuck and not move on. Time goes by so fast, don’t waste a day of it dwelling over or trying to get back with a man who abandons you when you need him most.
There are way better men out there. Where is he? When you work on finding and loving yourself you will attract the right man who will give you nothing but his full attention. Don’t worry, you will find each other.
He will notice you and he won’t be afraid to let you know how he feels about you, he won’t play any games or leave you wondering, he won’t make you feel like anything less except all woman and more.

The same goes for single mothers who feel lonely and are bored with their lifestyles so make lots of mistakes along the way that negatively affect themselves and their children- this is more along the lines of the audience my book ‘Bored Single’ is aimed at.
Don’t ever feel like you have messed up so bad that you can’t clean up!
If you sit in the mess you will only add more but if you clean up and continue to clean up any further mess you make as you go along, you will notice huge visible differences.

Women, never give up on yourself or get scared of following your dreams for finding love.
You are worth it and you deserve it!
Don’t let people from the past or previous relationship issues make you doubt the woman you know you’re capable of becoming and are supposed to become.

I want to thank Hayley for advising me to write about this, you were so right it all poured out of me effortlessly!

Last but not least I want to thank my man for making me feel amazingly happy, thank you for loving me for the woman I am.
Your love is the best, it’s everything and I feel extremely blessed.

WOMEN… If you feel ready to get more serious about your relationships and improve your lifestyle for the best and for your children then ‘Bored Single’ is the self-help book for you!
Available to buy for £5.99 from Amazon, Kindle, Barnes & Noble, Google Books and more online retailers.





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